Welcome to Lingua Lunga Italian

Dear all,

It’s with immense pleasure that I introduce you to Lingua Lunga, my online Italian school. Lingua Lunga is not only the name of my school but it’s also an idiom that means “chatterbox” and this is my goal with you!

Lingua Lunga was born after many months of hard work and conscious reflection about methodologies and weaknesses that are common when learning a language. I still am a student myself as I’m currently set on a challenge to learn my fourth language and I know what this means for all of you. But mostly, there’s a lot of love, passion and dedication behind Lingua Lunga as I care very much about each one of you.

My hope is to embrace more students all over the world and help them become a Lingua Lingua.

A big thank you to you all for helping me grow as a teacher and for being my number one inspiration.

I wish you and your families Merry Christmas and a good, healthy year ahead.