Why short stories...

After working side by side with students I have become aware of their difficulties and weak points which are commonly listening and speaking. That is why short stories are so valuable a method to boost your fluency, understanding and vocabulary. They are quickly consumable and students can expose themselves to many topics, and a wide range of vocabulary. It’s a tangible way to practice your abilities and to get good gratification for your efforts.  I use short stories on a daily basis with my students and believe me when I say they can really work wonders!

Based on my student’s interests and suggestions I wrote this short story called MISTERO A CARNEVALE which is set in fascinating Venice at Carnival time. 

I hope it will be a page-turner for you as it was for me when writing it. You can also enjoy the audio recorded by me in each chapter as well as appreciate some grammar and cultural insights in it.

And you? What would you like the topic of my next short story to be like?

Students are always my best inspiration!!!

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