Welcome Chatterbox, the Italian Conversation

Are you looking for an opportunity to improve your Italian language skills and connect with fellow language enthusiasts?

Chatterbox is an Italian Conversation Club and is your passport to improving your language skills while engaging in stimulating discussions.  It’s a community of language enthusiasts coming together to celebrate the beauty of the Italian language.

My monthly meetings provide a relaxed and enjoyable environment for participants to engage in stimulating discussions and improve their conversational abilities. Through my diverse and thought-provoking topics, you’ll gain confidence, fluency, and a deeper appreciation for the Italian language and culture.

Join me today and unlock your full potential as an Italian speaker while enhancing your skills and making new friends!

When we meet

We gather once a month and create a relaxed and enjoyable environment for the participants.  This regularity ensures that you can easily fit language practice into your schedule.  Our meetings are virtual so they are easily accessible.

Why we meet

The primary goal of our club is to enhance your Italian conversational abilities. By participating, you’ll gain confidence and fluency, you’ll overcome speaking anxiety and you’ll gain a deeper appreciation for the Italian culture.

What we discuss

The conversations are diverse and engaging, ranging from the latest news to intriguing articles. I’ll provide thought-provoking topics that encourage meaningful discussions, allowing you to expand your vocabulary.

Who we are

The club welcomes a small, intimate group of 4 to 5 participants per session. This size ensures everyone has ample opportunities to contribute and practice their Italian.  Most of our members reside in the United States.

 If you’re not sure about your level, book a call and I’ll help you find the best club for you!

The club accommodates individuals at various language proficiency levels, including pre-intermediate, intermediate, and advanced. Whether you’re just starting your Italian journey or looking to refine your skills, there’s a place for you here.

Chatterbox Elementary Level (A2)

Chatterbox Intermediate Level (B1)

Chatterbox Upper-intermediate Level (B2)

Benefits of a Conversation Club 

Joining the Italian Conversation Club offers a multitude of advantages:

Explore Italian culture, customs, and traditions through language while learning with others.
Cultural Enrichment
Engaging in regular conversation enhances your fluency and pronunciation.
Improved Fluency
Discuss current events and stay informed about the world through Italian media and news.
Stay Informed
Gain the confidence to communicate effectively in real-life situations.
Confidence Building
Build lasting friendships with fellow language enthusiasts who share your passion for Italy.
Friendship and Connection
Discover new words and idiomatic expressions in context for better memory retention.
Expand Vocabulary

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your Italian language skills in a fun, supportive, and immersive environment.